Spring Clean your Kitchen - A List of Tips

We’re not all domestic superheroes! There are a lot of areas that we overlook from time to time, and the kitchen is often one of them.

While we might be amazing cooks, it can be a bit harder to keep things clean following a big cook-off. Despite our best efforts, this can build up, and we can get in a bit of a muddle with things. This doesn't mean that we are inherently messy people, it could just be that we need a little spring clean.

Spring is a fantastic time to right some of these wrongs and organise things. You can set a baseline of cleanliness that you can then work to keep to as much as possible.

Seasonal cleaning is an incredibly important part of a lot of people’s lives. IT might be between if we did things like washing our baseboards and cleaning our fridges out weekly, but at the end of the day we are all human beings and not robots, so it can be difficult to stay on top of this sort of stuff.

So to make this relatable for the kitchen, we have put together a list of things you can do to improve your kitchen tidiness-game!

Admittedly the kitchen is in many cases (especially if you don’t have a Greentree Kitchen) a difficult room to keep tidy and deep clean. However, once you complete the list, other rooms will feel like nothing, so it's a great idea to tackle the kitchen first of all. There’s no better feeling than having a spotlessly clean and well-organised kitchen!


  • Get on your favourite music

  • Gather and arrange your arsenal of cleaning products

  • Do the dishes, dry them and put them all away

  • Remove anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen!

  • Put any linens - clothes, curtains, aprons, tea towels in the laundry

  • Set up a large box or bag for any items for the trash

  • Set a large box up, or bag for donations

  • Dust off the ceiling and remove the cobwebs

  • Dust off the tip of the cabinets

  • Take out the rubbish, recycling and compost


  • Pull all the items out

  • Sort into 3 piles, keep, donate, or rubbish

  • Wipe the draws out

  • Replace all draw organisers, be they boxes, dividers or whatever

  • Place the keep pile back in neat and tidily

  • Wipe down drawer fronts and knobs


  • Pull out all of the items

  • Sort these into the keep, donate or rubbish

  • Wipe them clean

  • Replace any liners and organisers

  • Place back the keep pile

  • Wipe down the cabinet fronts and knobs

  • Polish the glass on glass front cabinets

Food cupboard

  • Pull out any items

  • Dispose of any expired or inedible food

  • Donate any unopened and in-date food that you don’t want any longer

  • Transfer any opened items to sealed containers and jars

  • Combine any same food products

  • Wipe down shelves

  • Clean all organisers, place keep items back in an organised way

  • Wipe down the door and knob


  • Clean inside and outside of the oven door

  • Put the oven on a self-cleaning cycle

  • Remove all knobs and grates, removable parts, wash them

  • Clean cooktops

  • Clean inside, and outside of the hoot

Fridge and Freezer

  • Pull out all of the food and place it on top of the kitchen table

  • Throw out any expired food

  • Wipe the shelves

  • Wash ice trays

  • Pull out drawers and wash them, replace

  • Put all the food back in neatly

  • Organise the top section of the fridge, dust it and wipe it clean

  • Takedown the magnets and papers from the exterior

  • Recycle the old papers, sort through the magnets

  • Wipe down the outside, replace magnets and papers

  • Vacuum the fridge coils

Dishwasher and sink:

  • Clean the drains

  • Scrub and polish the sink, along with taps and nobs

  • Sort the sponges and dish brushes out

  • Wash the dish drying rack

  • Empty the food trap of the dishwasher

  • Wipe down the inside and outside of the dishwasher

  • Run it empty on a high heat sanitisation cycle

Now wipe down the odds and sods of the room, be it the toaster, blender, stools anything else. It’s time to take out the trash, mop the floor and finally have yourself a cup of tea to enjoy your nice clean kitchen!

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