How to Have a Big Kitchen in a Small Room

Even a teeny room can be used for a well planned out kitchen. You can be a master cook or artful chef in a smaller space than you realise. Smaller kitchens merely need some well thought out kitchens designs so they can be both practical and stylish. Here are some kitchen ideas for the layout of your cookery space.

While you might not have the space for a kitchen island, you could make use of the space you do have, as there is a wealth of designs that are compatible with your layout. This results in your kitchen feeling wide and spacious. Modern kitchen design trends tend to incorporate these ideas.

Storage is the most important element in the small kitchen. In making the best use of every square inch of space, if you reorganise areas that don't necessarily work, you can turn any tiny room into a much larger one!

Make use of wall space, resulting in a compact design

When space is at a premium, you will benefit from diving into compact design solutions. Creating a bank of cabinets along the wall is a fantastic way of making sure that absolutely every inch of the kitchen is made use of, this streamlines and opens the space up. Taller wall units are well-suited to narrow, galley-style kitchens, using this space means that the area will feel much less cramped, rather than it being filled with larder style dressers.

A splash of colour

If you read interior design magazines, then you will know that painting kitchen cabinets are having a large resurgence. Owners of homes look for more affordable ways to vamp up their existing kitchens.

A neutral on the surrounding walls like Dulux’s timeless means you will get a fresh airy feeling for space. While you may find that a stronger and more dominant colour like Dulux’s ‘Urban Obsession’ might be able to give a stronger presence to kitchen cabinetry, painting all the base units in a more dark shade will allow the colours to be better divided, this gives a much greater sense of shade between floor and ceiling.

Flexible storage

In a smaller kitchen, you should think creatively when it comes to the question of storage. Rather than getting normal shelves, you can make use of floating and takeaway shelves, this means you can hang glasses upside down or include features like a wine rack. Make sure every inch of space counts.

Matching colour

You can create the illusion of adding more space in a kitchen by painting the kitchen cabinets the same colour as the walls, this results in the colours blending very well. This is ideal in gentle colours like a white or grey colour scheme. This results in a light and airy area, where units blend nicely into the kitchen walls. This means that despite cramming as much storage on the walls as possible, the aesthetic is still nicely balanced.

If you have any questions about the kind of kitchen you want, don’t hesitate to call us up, we are only too happy to discuss with you.

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