How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should be the heart of your home, whether you live alone or have kids and family running in and out of the house all day long. It’s where you prepare food and socialize with people. It should be bright, cheerful, and inviting, while still being functional and practical. There are lots of colours that work well in the kitchen; it all depends on your personal taste, as well as on the look you’re going for. This article will outline everything you need to know about choosing the right colour for your kitchen.

Colour schemes

Choosing a colour scheme is always a tough decision. You want something that's going to be bright and cheery but at the same time easy on your eyes. Too many colours can leave you feeling frazzled, like someone's playing with a lava lamp in your dining room—but too few colours might end up making your kitchen look dull and dated. To make sure you choose an effective colour scheme, take into account how many elements of each colour you'll need and how they're arranged in your space.

Light, medium, dark

Colour is a big consideration in every room, including your kitchen. When choosing colour schemes it is important to have a good idea of how you will use your kitchen, what sort of mood you want it to convey and what style of decor you are aiming for. Light colours reflect a lot of light which can make a space seem brighter and more energising, but in the wrong case, this can have a dizzying effect. Dark kitchens on the other hand can soak up all of the light and even make the place seem sort of dim.

White kitchens

White is a colour that instantly gives off a sense of cleanliness and order. If you're going white, just be sure you have plenty of natural light so your kitchen isn't just sterile and cheerless. Another thing: having a white kitchen doesn't mean it has to be super-small. You can paint an L-shaped area in your house without painting all four walls—and it will still look like one cohesive room rather than two rooms facing each other across an open space.

Green and blue kitchens

Green kitchens can evoke feelings of calm, tranquillity and harmony. If you’re looking for a relaxed colour scheme, green is a great way to start. Blue-green kitchens are also quite trendy and work well with white cabinetry or granite countertops (see below). But don’t go overboard – too much green in one room can make your eyes ache. Pair green with other pastel colours (like pink) or soft neutral tones like cream and white. If you want something that stands out but isn’t overpowering, considers turquoise as an accent colour instead of a primary hue.

Colour is a personal choice

Different people like different colours. One person may love purple, but another may hate it with a passion. If you’re having your kitchen remodelled, get in touch with your inner artist and take an honest look at what colours make you feel relaxed, inspired and energized—and which ones make you feel claustrophobic or stressed out. Think about what mood you want your kitchen to set. Some studies suggest that certain colours can have a direct impact on our moods, energy levels and even eating habits; so choose wisely! Most of all, enjoy the process!

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