Cleaning your Kitchen Walls

The kitchen - it’s the heart of the home, and where all the action usually takes place on a day to day basis! This includes the likes of cooking, cleaning, eating and washing up. Not to mention that it’s everyone’s favourite hang out spot at a party.

But with so much happening here, how on earth can you keep on top of it all? There are bound to be all sorts of spillages and splashes all over the show! Not to mention, getting dribs and drabs all over the walls.

So, how does one keep their kitchen walls free from muck and splashes? Well, unsurprisingly, it will take regular cleaning and maintenance to make sure that everything looks clean. Here is a great little guide on how you can break this potentially mundane job into actionable processes. Remember that if you have your kitchen professionally designed, it will mean that the kitchen will be put together in a way that means that spillages are less likely to affect walls, thanks to innovations like backsplashes and tiling.

1. Dust the walls

All you need to do is cover the head of your broom with a microfibre cloth, and you now have the ultimate way of dusting your kitchen walls clear. This removes cobwebs and dislodges any surface dust or grime. Keep those eyes protected when you are doing this and make sure that all your surfaces are clear and you don't have a cup of orange juice or a sandwich on the side of the counter - otherwise you are going to get a mouthful of dust!

2. Prepare a cleaning solution

Mix up 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and baking soda in a bucket of warm water. All you need to do is wear protective gloves in order to avoid any direct eye contact in order to ensure a safe cleaning environment. Soak a sponge in the cleaning solution and wipe the kitchen walls, using a circular motion. I would advise rinsing the walls with plain water and wiping them down with a towel. Go to step 3 in case that you spot tougher stains on the kitchen walls.

3. Make a cleaning paste.

For this step, mix together 2 tbsp of baking soda with some lovely, luscious warm water in a bowl to make a fantastic paste. Apply the paste on the stained areas of your kitchen walls and allow it to dry. Following this, scrub it off and then wash the kitchen walls using a washing up liquid. After this, wash the soapy water with a damp cotton cloth, and wipe the walls dry with a kitchen towel.

Clean your kitchen shelves with a kitchen cleaner, this will get all of the dirt and dust that may have accumulated there over time.

While cleaning your kitchen is easy enough, having a well-designed kitchen makes your life certainly much easier than you might first anticipate. With this task, Greentree Kitchens can help! Our team of highly trained kitchen designers can assist you in getting the ideal design for your space. Just give us a call today to arrange your design session. We are only too happy to lend our expertise to any aspect of your kitchen. Contact us today to get some clear insight as to how to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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