Smart Kitchen Storage Tips

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When it comes to clutter, less is definitely more in any sized kitchen - but especially in a modest-sized kitchen. All it takes is a few stray places, a misplaced utensil and the space can suddenly seem quite small. However, having a smaller sized kitchen shouldn’t stop you from making it a space that’s stylish, practical and free from clutter - you just need to get a bit smarter when it comes to that all important kitchen storage. Here are some tips which will help you to maximise every little bit of your kitchen space.


Before you even think about implementing a new storage strategy, it’s time to have a healthy purge. Take a critical look through your collection of cutlery, utensils and crockery and be completely honest; do you really need all of it?

Corner Cupboard

Make the most out of your cupboard space, we all know that corner cupboards can be a blessing or a curse. Why not look into ways to make it a practical use of the space - it is the ideal location for storing away secondary crockery or other kitchen utensils that aren’t used as frequently.

Hanging Accessories

Silver or brass pans and other fancy looking kitchen utensils don’t necessarily need to be stored away from view in a drawer. Hang them above your workstation using some chrome or stainless steel hooks and you’ll have a stylish and very convenient storage solution.

Glass Jars

Those bulky bags of essential ingredients like rice, oats or sugar can quickly fill out your cupboard space before you know it - leaving little room for anything else. Storing items like these in decorative glass jars on shelves can turn these somewhat mundane items into a feature wall, which can be tweaked and altered to suit any style of kitchen design.

Utensil Jar

Wooden spoons and baking utensils can often encroach on limited drawer space, however they can look great when placed against your workstation wall in a pretty container which can perfectly complement your kitchen. This is simple but effective, especially if you’re trying to achieve a particular theme.

Extra Shelf Space

If you are lucky enough to have a spare wall, but not quite enough space for another cupboard unit, it might be time to get creative with shelf space. Creating a feature area with shelving can be a great way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen, along with providing you with some additional storage space at the same time.

Embrace Digital

If you’re something of a prolific home-cook or even a bit of a foodie, it’s likely you’ve got a significant cookbook collection - which will probably grow after every birthday and christmas. If you’re short on shelf space, then perhaps it might be time to make the move to digital, and start downloading recipes onto your tablet or laptop instead.

Pull-Out Larder

Larders are a fantastic place to store bulky items like cereal boxes, tins, herbs and spices. If you don’t have the space for a walk-in pantry, why not consider installing a pull-out larder instead. This contemporary space saver makes finding items a doddle, and since it can be pushed away to blend in with the kitchen cupboard unit when not required.

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