How to Style Your Kitchen

Perhaps it’s time for a complete kitchen revamp and renovation; we all know how that works, there’s a lot of planning, choices, life upheaval and the feelings of “why have I done this?”. Hopefully, when it’s all finished you’ll be happy with the end result - but you should be careful to avoid it looking too much like a display home or a kitchen showroom. This is where kitchen styling comes into the equation, it’ll ensure that your amazing new space is yours.

Here are some top tips for how to style your kitchen to get the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Styling with Practicality in Mind

Quite often, the kitchen is the beating heart of the home. The last thing you want to do is clutter up the surfaces with too much “stuff”. Try instead to have things on the worktops which have a practical use. Canisters or pots to hold tea, coffee and sugar, a container for your big utensils like wooden spoons or whisks. Or the latest trend is to display regularly used pantry staples in glass jars on open shelving or worktops.

Having these practical items properly styled with a cohesive theme can look beautiful; kitchens with all these items to hand and grouped in a styled way can look very attractive. Often, when viewing a potential house the owners have put everything away so that the kitchen looks spacious and tidy - but for your everyday kitchen, give it some personality.

Styling a Rug

For those with more rustic style kitchens, having rugs on the floor isn’t just a style choice (they keep the feet warm too)! If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, treat your feet to a softer surface like a rug instead of harsh tiles.

You can also use rugs to help to zone your kitchen; long galley style kitchens work wonderfully with a runner. They can add a welcome pop of colour, and can add in some personality to the kitchen.

Styling with Nature

Generally speaking, most rooms in the home can benefit from a bit of greenery and the kitchen is no exception. Keep practicality in mind here, and think about introducing pots of herbs in easy to reach places - or even an inside window box for those trying to save space. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger kitchen, think about including a statement plant pot with something eye catching in - such as a cheese plant or aloe vera.

Styling with Lighting

In terms of decorating and creating ambience in a space, lighting is one of the first things to consider. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island can be absolutely stunning; but they can look out of place if they haven’t been incorporated into the overall kitchen design. Think about utilising the same colours on the cupboard doors or hardware and this means that the statement piece for the room has been thoughtfully tied into the kitchen design.

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