Make Your Small Kitchen Work for Your Home

Like most homeowners, at some point you will have wished for more kitchen space. Those of us with small kitchens know just how difficult it can be to get these spaces to be efficient for our kitchen needs. Whilst it might seem more difficult to design a small kitchen which is functional and aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t impossible. Greentree Kitchens have experience with designing truly beautiful small kitchens which tick all the boxes. With some careful planning and forethought, you can easily create a space which caters for your needs.

Embrace Minimalism

This is probably the most unpopular tip, but it’s very important to mention. The harsh reality with having a small kitchen is that you just won’t be able to store as much as your friends with large kitchens. One of the best things you can do to make your kitchen area as functional as possible is to commit to storing on the essentials.

Sort your kitchen items into three categories; frequently used, occasionally used and rarely/unused items. Donate or recycle those in the rarely used category, then it’s just about finding homes for the rest. You’ll want to make sure that your frequently used items are easily accessible.

Blend Storage & Aesthetics

Those beautiful pictures of kitchens on Pinterest and Instagram might have you under the misconception that everything should be hidden away when it’s not in use. In reality, this is very rarely the case. Particularly when you are working with limited space, it is important to embrace the idea that displaying your kitchen utensils and appliances can add some personal flair.

Think about utilising space that would otherwise be dis-used; how about hanging some pots above the stove, or fixing a knife block to your splashback? This is a great way to use space that is often overlooked or just forgotten about. Hanging things underneath shelving, or above appliances, or just simply left out on the countertop. It would be wise to add these storage solutions in one at a time, too much at once can look a little chaotic – find which works best for you and the practicalities in your kitchen.


Whenever and wherever possible, include space solutions that can be used for multiple purposes. Pieces that offer you additional storage are a great fit for this; how about adding in a dining bench that allows for storage underneath it. If you have a kitchen table used for dining, don’t be afraid to use it as extra worktop space when things need to be spread out!

Small kitchens are a source of annoyance for many of us, renters and homeowners alike. However, making them work for you isn’t quite the monumental task you first thought.

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