Ideas for a Cosy Winter Kitchen

Christmas Kitchen

There’s a definite chill in the air; and when the weather takes a turn for the worse there’s nothing better than getting cosy at home - and it’s not just limited to creating a cosy living room, your kitchen can be, and should be given the cosy treatment as well.

Here are some ideas to make your kitchen cosy for the winter months.

Plants and Dried Flowers

Plants don’t just have the glaringly obvious decorative element, there is also a host of additional health benefits - studies have shown that living with plants results in lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and improved productivity. Adding in some plants (or even a Christmas tree) can be a great way to bring some nature into your kitchen this winter.

Another option is dried flowers; since fresh flowers have connotations of Spring and Summer, dried flowers will bring a touch of wintery nature to your kitchen - and there’s a lot less maintenance to do, so it’s a win-win!


Is there such a thing as a cosy winter atmosphere without candles? Candles come in all different shapes, sizes, smells and colours. The addition of a nice tray or display of candles on the kitchen worktop or even some little tealights in unexpected places - whether you’re cooking or having that much-needed early morning coffee, it’ll make the atmosphere that little bit nicer.


This might not be your cup of tea, having lots of throws or cushions all over your functional kitchen space. Why not try incorporating some usable textiles such as; pretty tea towels, thick hand towels or a nice material cooking apron? Or even using fabric storage boxes or bags - these additions keep the functionality of your kitchen whilst also adding in some textures.


Those cold mornings on a tiled kitchen floor can be a shock to the system if you’ve forgotten some thick socks or slippers. Avoid getting cold feet with a fluffy rug - visually this will automatically bring in some instant cosiness. From a practical standpoint, choose a rug made from material that is easily washable - but you’ll love the feeling of comfort underneath your feet.

Ambient Lighting

Obviously in a kitchen the focus is on having mainly functional and direct lighting; but if you enjoy using this room as a lunch space or for a casual coffee with friends, why not add in some softer, less aggressive lighting. Lamps made from inherently cosy materials such as wood or textured lampshades the style is definitely going to give off those cosy vibes you want.

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