Top Tips for Planning your Dream Kitchen

Planning is essential for any project, this is especially relevant in achieving your dream kitchen. The creation of your dream kitchen will be one of the most exciting, yet impossibly stressful home improvement projects you will ever undertake. Here are some top tips for planning your dream kitchen that will make the process a little bit easier.

Assess your Current Kitchen

This is very important, there are obviously things you would like to change about your current kitchen, or you wouldn’t be planning a new one. However, there are probably some bits of your kitchen that you would like to keep. Start by having a good clear-out, this might sound simple, but it will allow you to focus on the areas that matter most to you. Make a pros and cons list about your kitchen, whether it’s the abundant kitchen worktop space that you love, or that dark and dingy area that never gets used by anyone.

Think carefully about the functionality of your new kitchen, it is going to be a family style kitchen with kids playing whilst you cook, or will it be an area for socialising with friends and family? Consider how you intend to use the space, and go from there.

Gather some Inspirational Pieces

Your new kitchen is a chance for you to highlight and showcase your personality and style. Start by creating a couple of Pinterest mood boards (or if you’re old school, pick up some magazines!); take some cues from other kitchen designs, find colour and appliance combinations you never would have thought of. Put together a collection of styles and ideas you want to base your kitchen design off and you’ll be one step closer to your dream kitchen!

Even something as simple as finding the floor tiles you want, or a sample of wallpaper you need or a paint colour you want to use is a perfect starting point for choosing an overall theme or your new colour scheme.

Browse Kitchen Displays

Now that you know what you want, or at least a vague idea of it; why not take some time to explore a few kitchen showrooms to get a feel of what you’re looking for. There are lots of kitchen showrooms all over the country - it is always a good idea to visit the showroom of the kitchen designer that you want to use for the remodel. This is an ideal time to sit down with a professional kitchen designers Colwyn Bay and invite them to come and do a home measure for an accurate quote.

Bring it to Life

There’s no doubt about it, a professional kitchen designer is utterly invaluable. Their expertise and experience means that your space is maximised and your design is as efficient as possible. Take your mood boards and ideas with you so the designer can get a good grasp on your specifications.

Manage your Budget

As we all know, it can be far to easy to get carried away with buying gadgets and gizmos. Create a spreadsheet or ledger to document your costings and make sure that it’s inclusive of building works, units, worktops, installation fees, accessories and appliances.

It is always recommended to spend a little bit more on these two main things:

  • Units; these have to endure the wear and tear over the life of your kitchen, so it’s best to choose wisely and a well-made kitchen units will save you money in the long run.

  • Worktops; always go for the best quality worktops you can afford within your budget as they are the most hardwearing component of your kitchen.

Choose the Right Fitter

You’re nearly there, just a few final pieces to put into place. You’ve got your dream design, layout and style. Choosing the right fitter is absolutely crucial and can make all the difference. A good kitchen fitter can make an inexpensive kitchen look amazing, whilst a bad fitter can make any kitchen look like a complete disaster. Read reviews on the company and go in for meetings with your chosen fitter to put your mind at ease.

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