Lighting Ideas for your Kitchen

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Whilst it might not be at the forefront of your mind when designing your new kitchen, how you plan on lighting the room is essential. Due to the multi-functional nature of modern day kitchens, the lighting used plays a huge role in how the space is used.

In an ideal world, kitchen lighting should allow you to prepare food with ease, but also give you the ability to create an inviting atmosphere for socialising - in simple terms, your kitchen lighting should be as versatile as the kitchen itself. Kitchen worktops should be illuminated in order to facilitate food preparation, but the lighting should still create a mood in your kitchen.

From kitchen diner lighting ideas to pendant and ceiling lighting, we have compiled a list of inspiring kitchen lighting ideas that’ll help to illuminate your kitchen from day to night in chic style. Read on to find out about lots of different kitchen lighting solutions.

Pendant Lighting

This is one of the more popular styles of kitchen lighting; pendant lighting brings character to the room and they are very versatile due to the range of styles they come in - from subtle to striking. If you have a kitchen island, the best place to hang your pendant light is above it; as this provides ample focused light when preparing food. Having a trio of pendant lights is a classic, timeless design that works well in most kitchens.

Track Lighting

Track lighting in the kitchen is an ideal solution for those who don’t want multiple large ceiling light fixtures. The ability to adjust individual spotlights to point in various directions; track lighting helps to create an atmosphere in the kitchen, as well as adding extra light to areas that need it the most. This is much more versatile than simply having spotlights in the ceiling, track lighting means that you have control over the directionality of the lights - this type of lighting works incredibly well in kitchens with different ceiling heights.

Under Cabinet Lighting

One of the best solutions for bringing some more light to previously dark spaces - notoriously found along the kitchen counter. Under cabinet lighting doesn’t create shadows, and it helps to provide additional task lighting which is ideal for food preparation spaces.

Recessed Lighting

Not a fan of making a statement with your lighting? Recessed lighting might be just what you’re looking for. With the ability to light the whole kitchen, or just selected areas, recessed lighting is simple, clean and subtle. This style of lighting allows the kitchen to be more of a functional space, with the added benefit of being able to control the lighting in order to change it for socialising.

Chandelier Lighting

Want to bring a bit of glamour to your kitchen? Chandelier lighting adds a pop of instant luxury and bold extravagance to any room. Although this style of lighting is more commonly found in living and dining rooms, using it in your kitchen can show off personality. Using a chandelier style light is a great way to have a focal point in the kitchen - especially if positioned above a kitchen island for example. Incorporating a chandelier light into your kitchen can help to create a stylish yet harmonious design, whilst also having a functional kitchen.

From subtle spotlights to statement chandeliers, there are a wide range of kitchen lighting choices. If you need any more help deciding on the best lighting solution for your new kitchen, get in touch with the team today.

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