Creative Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

The kitchen is where you are for most of the day, it’s where you cook, sometimes dine and the social focal point of the home. Making some subtle changes to your kitchen can take it to the next level of cosy and enjoyable.

Make it natural and cosy with a few plants

You can never go far wrong with bringing some nature into your interior décor. It gives the space a clean, cosy and relaxing vibe. By placing some hardy, low-maintenance plants, herbs, flowers in the right spot brings an air of soul and an extra decorative flair into your kitchen.

Add a pop of colour

A warm and natural coat of colour is a brilliant way to add some of your personality and character to your kitchen, even if you only decided to splash it over one wall. In addition, decorative towels, ornamental pieces and wall art are other ways to add in some creative personality and vibrancy to your space.

Look for ways to declutter!

Make your kitchen look more organised and clutter-free. Remove all sticky notes, junk mail, any overhanging pots and pans – this way, you free up more usable space and create a calmer atmosphere that instantly revamps the look and feel of the kitchen.

Rethink your lighting

Warm, more natural lighting can help to add more zest and life to the kitchen, this is much easier than it sounds and doesn’t have to leave a huge hole in your pocket. Consider under-cabinet lighting and putting light bulbs in other hard-to-reach areas.

Clean your sink… (seriously)

A spick-and-span, nice-smelling kitchen sink will work wonders for your kitchen and could keep you lingering in the space for longer. You’ll achieve a quick and clean makeover by sprinkling your sink with baking soda and scrubbing with a sponge doused in white vinegar. Then rinse well with boiling water.

Consider some nice, decorative art for the wall

A common misconception about art in the home is that it should be confined to the living room, this is wrong. In a modern home setting, the kitchen is just as, if not more important than the living room. To make your art more fitting and inspiring, choose something food related.

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