The BEST Kitchen Trends & Ideas for 2019

Here at Greentree Kitchens, we always try to stay on top of what designs, layouts and styles are trending in the world of kitchens every single year. We fully understand how difficult it can be for homeowners to keep up to date with all the new and continuing trends, which is why we are bringing you some of the very best ideas and trends for your kitchens that are all the rage for 2019. So, keep reading our latest blog post to discover your new favourite kitchen layouts, designs and colour schemes.


Keep your eyes peeled for some industrial styles and features throughout 2019. Concrete finishes are a trend that still seems to be going strong. Concrete effect doors and black grip ledge handles are incredibly eye-catching features that provide homeowners with a sense of individuality.


There has been a noticeable shift in popularity towards treating various metals in certain ways to achieve interesting patinas. Whilst metals such as copper and brass are continuously popular, it is becoming more common for kitchen designers to achieve fantastic designs through oxidation, chemicals and heat, all of which create a truly personalised kitchen.

Living Walls

So many adventurous people love the idea of bringing the outside in. 2019 will see the increased popularity of living walls; with their striking visuals and the natural moss providing an excellent sound absorption property.


Greentree are proud to supply some of the world’s best brands in kitchen appliances. With the recent desire to include pastel colours in kitchens, the colours of appliances have begun to follow suit. Key shades of pink, green, and blue continues to be a popular choice in appliances as well as overall colour schemes.

Natural Timbers & Veneers

With the world becoming far more aware and mindful of their choice of materials, we are bound to see an increase in the use of veneers. Quality veneers adds texture and intrigue to the kitchen and can easily create a bold statement.

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