Great Kitchen Innovations You May Not Know About!

Here at Greentree Kitchens, we are proud to provide such a fantastic customer service that has been perfected over the years, as well as our extremely high quality kitchens that are always designed around your specific requirements. Our experienced kitchen designers located here in Llandudno Junction design and install fully functional modern, contemporary and traditional kitchens as well as offering great advice on the most up to date innovations to save you space. So let’s take a look into some of these kitchen innovations that you may not know about!


Are you fed up of waiting an incredibly long time to boil your water? Well, the wait is over. An instant boiling water tap is just what you need. This innovative little appliance brings convenience in to the kitchen. You can sterilise bottles, have instant boiling water for your pasta and make your cup of tea without having to put the kettle on. This particular appliance features a 3 or 7 litre tank and a choice of modern taps, to make sure your appliance fits with the style of your kitchen.

Sous Vide

If you’re a Sous Vide enthusiast, then an essential tool for you would be the industry grade Vacuum Packing. This appliance enables you to waste less and eat fresh food more often, by storing your perishables in an oxygen free and sterile environment.

Sous Vide, as well as steam cookery is the way forward for all domestic cookery applications. Steam cooking penetrates food and transfers heat more evenly and efficiently. The highly saturated atmosphere stops food drying out, whilst still getting beautiful colouring on meats and your roast potatoes to have the ultimate Sunday roast.

Sous Vide ovens on the other hand have a slow cook feature, which allow you to cook your steaks to perfection with precise 1 degree celcius increments of temperature. Additionally, no Sunday Roast is complete without Yorkshire puddings and this even allows you to cook them in a cold oven.

Induction Hobs

An induction hob is another incredibly innovative way of cooking, as well as creating a practical amount space within your kitchen. They enable faster cooking, easy to clean surfaces, a stylish design, accurate controls, plus no gas line is needed, among many other features and benefits.

Creating Space

Creating space within your kitchen can often be difficult if you are limited to space and don’t have the option for integrated appliances. However, Greentree Kitchens offer Plinth drawers which help to maximise your storage space. The void underneath your cabinets typically is unused, but can be turned into storage you otherwise didn’t have. This can add up to half a cubic meter of storage per drawer. Through the average kitchen, this could be the added volume of a 1000mm wide base cabinet.

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Greentree Kitchens are also proud suppliers of quality kitchen appliances from renowned brands such as Blanco, Quooker, AEG, Rangemaster and many more. With our customer service, designs, installations and appliances all up to standard, we think it’s time we heard from you or met you in our showroom. Get in touch with the team here at Greentree Kitchens for more information on their latest innovations, or swing by for a visit at our fantastic Llandudno Junction showroom.

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