Let There Be Light... In Your Kitchen!

We all live in denial for a large portion of the year but the days will soon be getting shorter, which becomes rather problematic where lighting is concerned. We almost certainly take the long spring and summer days for granted; with the warm natural light cascading through windows. Those coming down to the kitchen in the morning will be presented with a dark room that is nearly impossible to navigate through. But how can we change things around in your kitchen to compensate for a lack of daylight? Let Greentree Kitchens guide you through some of the best lighting tips, tricks, and designs available today.


The best source of light comes through your kitchen windows. Removing any window treatments will allow for the maximum amount of light to enter the room. Even just a few inches of patterned fabric will reduce the light significantly. An absence of coloured or patterned fabric will also create a cleaner look that creates the illusion of space and will also reflect even more light into your kitchen.


A quick assessment of what appliances or utensils are essential, especially on the counter tops, can drastically declutter your entire kitchen. Open shelving units and cupboards should also have a declutter-focus as they are also visible when inside your kitchen. Here is a decluttering tip – start on a particular section and focus your efforts there. Slowly but surely move to a new small section and watch your efforts enfold before your eyes.


During the months of reduced light, it can be beneficial to incorporate lighter colours in your kitchen accessories, dinnerware, and rugs. These colours can reflect light around your kitchen and look bright by simply being there. Adding brighter colours to any room of your house will almost certainly lift your spirits.

There next, possibly more obvious step is to include artificial lights throughout your kitchen. Stuck for artificial lighting ideas? Need to know more? Then why not contact the team here at Greentree Kitchens to discuss your design plans. We are happy to provide you with as much information as possible and hopefully move with you through the design process.

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