Kitchen Features That Add Value to Your Home

A kitchen can become one of the most used rooms in your home, which requires it to be incredibly versatile. From preparing food to being a hub for socialising, your kitchen is a room that needs to function as desired. But we don’t just want to create a place to cook and to “hang out”; we want to include as many features as possible that add to the overall value of your property. There are so many home improvement and renovation ideas that will not only increase your homes value, but also increase your love for your kitchen. So let’s take a look into some features that will do just that!

A kitchen that stands out can be the deciding factor for a potential buyer, and this is often emphasised by estate agents for potential sellers. It is said that if a seller only has the budget to renovate one room in the house, it should always be the kitchen. Data retrieved from estate agents suggests that spacious and modern storage units are the most important element of the kitchen when redesigning. Kitchen appliances come close behind, with an urgency to upgrade your oven, cook, dishwasher and fridge to a more energy efficient model.

Durable and stylish worktops should be considered during renovation as, alongside your cabinets, they can really stand out from everything else when initially entering a kitchen. Having quality fixtures and tiling is crucial. There is nothing more unattractive in a kitchen than dodgy grouting and weak fixtures. One of the most important factors, yet one of the most overlooked by homeowners, is the lighting in your kitchen. Efficient lighting can completely change the tone of the kitchen and draw emphasis to other key features.

If you need more ideas for kitchen features that add value to your home, contact the team here at Greentree Kitchens today. We are more than happy to discuss your kitchen design and renovation projects with you!

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