More Essential Kitchen Trends for 2018

Whether you are looking to renovate your current kitchen or simply becoming tired of your colour scheme now is the perfect time to begin the changes that will bring your dream kitchen into reality. But what essential trends should you be aware to make your kitchen as sleek and stylish as possible? Greentree Kitchens is here to provide you with information on the essential trends for 2018 in all modern and traditional kitchens. From colours, materials and appliances, let’s take a look into some potential ideas and trends that may suit you.

Vibrant Colour Scheme

More vibrant and bold colour schemes will continue to be the go-to choice for a majority of 2018, focusing on Scandinavian pops of colour and colour clashes. Many kitchen designers believe that the colour of a kitchen should reflect the personalities of the homeowners and their needs, and pops of colour are a perfect way to bring out your own style and tastes.


Delicate pastels are an easy way of giving your kitchen that ‘fun’ look without breaking the bank. They are also a way for homeowners who are not quite brave enough to use a vibrant colour scheme. Pastels are perfect alongside the popular grey palettes for kitchen cabinets. Blue, yellow, pink and green pastels can really bring your kitchen some much-needed colour.

Blue Hues

Blue is definitely the colour of 2018 as we see more and more shades being used in kitchen design. From cobalt, powder, and teal, we are seeing darker shades that allow homeowners to make a bold statement inside their kitchen.


There is no denying that the layout of a kitchen is dependant on the space available. However, kitchen islands are continuing to be the popular choice for those with larger kitchens. The option to have breakfast bar seating around the island is a fantastic way of incorporating dining into the kitchen. Having an island in your kitchen also provides ample storage space and additional room for food preparation.


Open shelving allows homeowners to bring more of their personality into the kitchen with displays of small appliances and accessories. It is a perfect opportunity for quality food items and greenery to be displayed and provide a unique atmosphere inside your kitchen.

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