Designing Your Kitchen From A Colour Palette

Colour is so important when designing your new kitchen. The colour palette that you choose, (or end up with, depending on your design approach), will provide your kitchen with a distinct personality; will your kitchen be warm and welcoming or cool and relaxing? The colour palette used in your kitchen (including appliances) will change the look and feel of the room and will immediately let people know if it is a space for socialising or a space for food preparation and cooking only. Here we will look further into how a kitchens colour palette can become the most important element during the design process.

Vibrant Colours

The best place to begin your search for a suitable colour palette is to find as many colour palette charts for the current year. You will find invaluable information on colour inside these charts; what works, what doesn't work, and what the most popular choices are for that year. The most notable change in 2018's colour is that they are far warmer and more complex. The vivid and vibrant combinations allows for kitchen designs to be free from the constraints found in more common colour palettes.

Complex Colours

Kitchen designers will often choose warm or cool neutral colours for the kitchens backdrop. These colours will be selected to adhere to the owners style or design choices. Then the vibrant, complex colours are added to accent areas of the kitchen, that can also be changed over time to suit modern trends or design preferences. This allows home owners to prevent regretting certain design choices in 5 years or so, such as cabinets, chairs, cupboards or more! When working with a kitchen designer, it is important to remember your favourite colours, regardless of their complexity. "There is no such thing as bad colours, only bad colour combinations!"

Greentree Kitchens is here to help you through the design of your kitchen and we thrive off providing our customers with the best room in the house, for family functions, socialising, food preparation and cooking. Contact us today should you require further information on colours in your kitchen.

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