Secrets to a Stylish Kitchen

There are many key features of fitted kitchens in Bangor, but there is no denying that the floor, cabinets and counter tops are among the most important. These components can significantly change the overall look and feel of a kitchen, through their design, colour and style. If you happen to be designing your kitchen from the beginning, you have an abundance of choice to achieve the best environment for you to prepare, cook, and socialise with family and friends. However, the hard part is coming up with a plan and perfectly merging your floors, cabinets and counter tops into a unique, stylish design. Here we will look into the secrets behind the seamless pairing of your kitchen.


Keep Things Simple

Whether you have realised this or not, the kitchen is a core room of your home and is used by family and friends on a daily basis. So for this reason, keeping things as simple as possible is an absolute must. You will find it incredibly beneficial to choose a simple colour for your kitchen, and then finding a bold, emphasising colour through the use of kitchen appliances and accessories. Choosing a simple colour scheme for your kitchen will allow for easy redecoration should you choose to change things up over the years. Whites, blacks, and creams with subtle hints of colour are a fantastically simple scheme that continues to be popular in many homes.


Realistically, the counter is often the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation. The counter is a good place to start, as there is often difficulty in choosing a counter that suits your requirements. Finding a counter before anything else can help you make decisions on colour schemes and accessories that parallel your initial ideas, as the intricate designs and patterns that often feature on kitchen counters can make pairing cabinets and floors much harder. However, should your counter top of choice feature a neutral design, matching it with the colour of your floor of choice whilst featuring a more dominant colour for your cabinets can be an amazingly simple design.

Colour Schemes

Where kitchen colour schemes are concerned, there are a few important things to focus on; is your kitchen an open plan or closed plan area? If you desire an open plan kitchen, you will need to accommodate for the design of the living space attached. Choosing two complementary colours and one accent colour that brings emphasis to your kitchen is the perfect place to begin.

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