What To Look For In A Kitchen Fitter

For many, the kitchen is somewhere we eat, laugh, socialise, cook and more. If you’re currently thinking about getting a fitted kitchen in Bangor or North Wales, there are a number of things you should keep in mind when conducting your search. A refurbishment is an investment and so ensuring that you work with someone who understands your vision and can make it a reality is vital.

The first thing you must ask is whether they have a showroom or portfolio. It is a good idea to visit the showroom as it is real life interior inspiration and allows you to interact with kitchens, giving you a feel of what your kitchen fitter can do. Visiting a showroom offers you the chance to see samples, ask questions and discuss what the kitchen fitter can do for you, it also allows you to understand the process and how they work.

Another important factor is to find out what brands they work with and whether they offer any innovations or latest appliances. Kitchens now consist of some fantastic appliances and designs, so choosing a fitter that can accomodate the latest technology and talk you through the design and selection process is vital. From modern kitchens to traditional kitchens, your fitter should offer you a range of styles and choices, adapting to fit your needs.

A good kitchen fitter will usually have a range of testimonials from previous clients which means you are getting a third party comment on the work they carry out. Good testimonials are important as they show that the kitchen fitter has impressed a customer who has then taken the time to provide positive feedback. From comments on design and planning to build and completion, make sure that there are testimonials for each aspect.

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