Turning Your Kitchen Into a Social Hub

The kitchen can often be seen as the heart of a home, it’s where we cook, laugh and socialise with friends and family. If you’ve been looking into redesigning your kitchen and creating an inviting space for all to gather in, we have some fantastic tips that can help you transform your kitchen into the social hub you’ve longed it to be!

Kitchen Islands or Breakfast Bars

A kitchen island is the perfect way to get everyone into the kitchen. It’s a simple choice that means you have the flexibility of having room to prepare food, work, dine and more - everyone can sit together no matter what they are doing. An island or breakfast bar gives your kitchen a centre or focal point that attracts people to gather round - ideal for laying out nibbles, doing homework and more.

Maximise Your Space

People don’t want to feel like they’re in the way, so maximising space is key. There are so many fantastic kitchen designs that can help you turn a crowded kitchen into an airy and welcoming space. Whether you want a modern or traditional kitchen, there are so many options you can choose, for example, plinth drawers can add up yo half a cubic meter of storage per drawer which frees up lots of essential space!

Use Colour & Different Materials

Nowadays there are so many options when it comes to kitchen finishes and colours, from bright pops of colour to subtle neutral palettes - the choice is truly yours. When designing your kitchen, why not reflect your personality through worktop materials, cabinet colours or shape! By creating a kitchen that reflects your personality, you will instantly draw in your friends and family with no effort at all!


When designing your kitchen, lighting can play a huge part in the atmosphere of the room. Working with your kitchen design and installation team to incorporate extra lighting can make your kitchen feel more inviting with simple, small additions such as furniture lighting having a big effect!


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