Schuller Kitchens: Who are they and why are they so popular?

Established as one of the most well-known German Kitchen Brands, Schuller Kitchens have grown to be renowned for their precision engineering, competitive price, quality and finish. They are one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Germany, committed to remaining innovative and one step ahead.

One of the reasons Schuller have become a much loved brand is due to it’s humble company atmosphere. Despite being such a renowned company, they are still family run and privately owned by Markus Schüller, Max Heller and Manfred Niederaurer. The family are passionate about their field and this shows in their dedication to growing the Schuller brand.

One of the benefits of a Schuller kitchen is the efficiency and comfort it provides when dining, cooking, relaxing and more. They take space into consideration, understanding that storing, presentation and movement are all important aspects of a home kitchen. The brand offer a range of kitchen styles to suit every individual:

  • A living kitchen encompasses family and togetherness

  • Prime focuses on the attention paid to the little things in life

  • Start is ideal for those new homeowners who have just dipped their feet in the property market

  • Feeling is all about the loving atmosphere and image is all about those who prioritise style and aesthetic.

Taking into consideration these different types of buyers and styles is what places Schuller in such a desirable position as they really do offer something for everyone and every home. They offer clever storage solutions which is needed more than ever in a time where our kitchen tops can become over crowded with the latest devices or products.

A great attribute of the company is their commitment to protecting the environment by using responsible production and recyclable materials. They also invest a lot of money into new technologies which make living more efficient to the homeowner - it is clear why they are a number one choice for many kitchens in the UK and beyond.


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