Questions to ask yourself before choosing your next kitchen

Getting a new kitchen is a big change, so ensuring it suits your lifestyle is incredibly important.

It can be a huge waste of time and money if you end up installing styles, designs and features that you don’t simply love for the long term.

To prevent this happening and ensure you get your dream kitchen fitted, here are some important questions you should try and answer, guiding the purchase process through the expertise of Greentree Kitchens North Wales.

Question 1 – How do I/ we use the kitchen? Think about how you and your family are using the kitchen on a day to day basis. Think about where people like to sit, if they socialise, cook, or gather for long periods of time or does everyone just simply cook there? This can help begin your search.

Question 2 – What is our morning routine? A kitchen that is designed effectively can dramatically make things easier. If you think about your morning activities you’ll work out what the most important parts and functionalities of the kitchen are.

Question 3 – How messy are the chefs of the kitchen? Everyone has a different style of cooking and everyone like to cook different things. It would not be practical to have lots of dishes piled up in an island sink, hampering the cooking process. Bear this in mind and consider having an alternative layout if needed.

Question 4 – How much workspace/ worktops is required? If you have a big family that all enjoy helping make food, you may need a greater amount of space in your home.

Question 5 – How much stuff do we have in the kitchen? If your home is bursting with stuff, you are going to need a lot more storage space. From gadgets to kitchen utensils, there are a multitude of different items you will need to find a home to in the kitchen space.

Question 6 – How social are the kitchen users? Are you a household that enjoys hosting dinner parties? Or do you have the whole family using the kitchen at once? Perhaps it is mainly one person that uses the kitchen during peak times. Whatever the situation, consider how the social side of your kitchen can impact your plans.

Question 7 – Which areas do I use the most? Sometimes it’s hard to track this yourself, so if needed as a friend or family member to observe you in the kitchen to discover which areas you tend to use the most. It’ll not only help you choose a preferable layout, but also help you find out where lighting needs to be placed.

When you have thought about these questions and their answers, you’ll be clued up on what exactly you are looking for in your kitchen. This will mean you can start picking your specific features and then the fun part, getting your kitchen fitted!

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