Get to Know the Kitchen Style That Suits You Best

Following the latest kitchen trends can be a challenge. Particularly, if you’re not sure what style suits you best. In this scenario, it's best to think about the style that suits you and your lifestyle.

It’s important to remember that no two kitchens are alike. We all have our preferences in tastes and kitchen styles, so think about building a kitchen that works around you.

Victorian and Traditional Style Kitchens

According to kitchen fitters Colwyn Bay, this is an elegant style that’s really stuck around. They are characterized by their timeless yet elaborate detail and hand crafted elements. It emphasizes architectural details like crown moldings, raised wood panelling and rich, deep colours to enhance the mood and 'traditional' feel. Also, dark stains, honey tones, semi-opaque paints, wicker baskets and oak cabinets add to the more formal feel – although the look can easily be modernized lighter shade cabinets. You can easily incorporate chandeliers, kerosene and electric lamps to astrals, or sconces to complete the look.

Country Kitchen Style

There are many different facets to this kitchen style. There is the American, the English, and the French). But the fact remains that this is one of the favourite and comfortable environments for many people. This rustic, weathered look creates a warm and cosy feeling in a country style home. With this look being some what more informal that a Victorian style kitchen, you can afford to take a more relaxed approach with your cabinet’s, adding more colour or leaving more of your crockery exposed.

Common colours range from earthy tones to muted hues. Exposed beams, pine panelling, brick and barn boards are elements used to express this style. Fabrics and patterns area sure way to create a country feeling, as is the use of wall paper and baskets. Wood floors or natural tiles would be a great choice for such an environment, but do not forget throw rugs for comfort on the cold floor.


A contemporary kitchen is an ideal solution for someone who finds bold and modern styles appealing. If you’re keen to incorporate the latest technology in your kitchen, then this is a style that is very forgiving, letting you incorporate new facilities where you see fit whether that’s a boiling water tap, a television or ultra modern fridge freezer. When making your cabinet selection, consider birch as a clean and modern wood species. Choose details like geometric forms, art glass, contrasting textures and lines, forges, and wrought iron pulls.

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