2017 Kitchen Trends You’ll Fall in Love With

Most people will consider their kitchen to hold the most financial value in their home. With this in mind, it’s certainly worth investing a kitchen that suits your lifestyle perfectly, as well as your personality.

These are the top trends being requested of kitchen designers into fitted kitchens Llandudno: The industrial look – Bare brick walls, stainless steel worktops, alongside copper accent accessories are becoming ever popular. This look tends to make big statements in big kitchens, which need that extra something. You might be surprised to learn that this look can add a depth of warmth to your home when you incorporate copper accents into the look. It can be fairly easy to add to, and strengthen the style with rustic metal high seating, metal lamp shades and wooden features to give the full effect.

Creative door handles – With the less detailed worktops in monochrome shades, you can certainly afford to go more creative with your cupboard or door handles. Or, why not use your door handles to strengthen the color scheme you do have in the kitchen. Some, who prefer the clean and seamless look, might prefer no door handles at all which is always an option in the modern kitchen.

Bare worktops – Whilst bare worktops can look too minimal for some, it has a beautifully clean and uncluttered appeal to others. Your solution is clever storage solutions that help you keep your pots, pans and accessories hidden away in conveniently accessible drawers. Pantry cupboards can be easily incorporated to give you the organisation you crave with ingredients drawers that that help to keep your ingredients fresh.

Modern technology – The reality is, you need a kitchen that is able to support the technology that your family uses today, so that you have a perfectly usable and versatile space. It’s incredibly easy to incorporate USB charging points into your plugs. You can even go for smart refrigerators and washing machines which can be communicated to via an app. Start your wash before you get home or even, ask your fridge if you need to pick up any more food.

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