A Kitchen for Families

It isn’t easy make time for family at the best of times, especially when you spend a large part of your time in the kitchen, preparing food, washing and drying clothes. Long gone are the days of pinning down all the family members to share stories of their day over a dining table. Everyone has different schedules from school, to work to hobbies. Of course, a way around this is to make your kitchen truly multi functional to meet everyone’s needs as central point for relaxation, cooking and study. Kitchens designers Conwy have brought about a new range of kitchens that help make the best of family time. Here are some tips that they’re sharing.

Open plan works for the family- if you’re lucky enough to have the space, creating a kitchen space with separate seating space is your first step in creating a multi-functional room. If you currently have a separate dining space, consider making it one large room that’s divided off for cooking and dining. The open space will make your kitchen appear less cluttered, even after a busy evening in the kitchen, whist a separate seating area offers the ideal spot for study.

Lounge area – Instead of a dining area, a lounge space might work better for your family. Think about incorporating a fireplace and coffee table in your seating area to offer a seating taste for everyone. Even on cosie nights in, a comfy two-seater chair will make the ideal resting spot for any member of the family.

Include carpets- It’s a simple touch but it makes your seating area in particular look and feel so much more inviting. Keep them, for your seating area to define the space for relaxation and rest. Carpets ar

e an easily way to spice up the colour scheme or to even change up the colour as the room progresses.

Tech Point – The modern family will use technology almost all day long to learn, play as well as to be informed and communicate. It makes sense to apply features to your kitchen that’ll accommodate the modern lifestyle. USB charging points close to your cooking zone will allow you to follow online tutorials, whist a charging point by your main seating area will allow for laptops.

Storage and fold away shelving – A busy kitchen means you’ll need lots of storage and multi-use items where possible. You won’t appreciate anything more than pull out shelves, where you can find everything easily, without straining. Shelves can be created to house anything, even your spices – giving you order in the busiest of spaces.

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