Why Choose a New Fitted Kitchen for Your New Home

You’ve a beautiful new home – but the kitchen could perhaps do with updating to your own tastes. Well, if you’re toying with the idea of ripping out completely, we’ve got 5 reasons you should always start a fresh!

It will make your new yours - Sometimes when you move into a new home, you may feel that you want to put your own stamp on the decor. Well, a new kitchen is a great way to do this whist creating a great design base for the rest of your home. It’s a happy medium in making a major change to the home without affecting the architectural design of your home. Kitchen designers bangor will help you to achieve your desired look and bring your dream kitchen to life.

It adds value to your home – Updating your kitchen is one of the few changes you can make to your home which can increase its overall value. The last homeowner is unlikely to have made such an investment into the home before moving so most new homes might be in need of a refresh in any case. What’s more, adding a new fitted kitchen doesn’t need to a time consuming process. Your experienced kitchen fitter will be able to make it a smooth and swift a process as possible and testimonials will be able to confirm this for you.

Save time – Modern kitchens are built to save you time. Appliances are able to offer their best performance at a more efficient pace. A new innovation is the boiling water tap by Quooker which helps your with your food preparation as well as making those morning tea and coffee’s.

Energy saving – Your entire new kitchen is likely to save you much more energy. Newer appliances are most likely going to have a B+ energy rating which tells you a lot about the amount of energy you will be using to run it. Not only this, but with the advancements in LED lighting mean that you’re going to get better for your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. To put it into perspective, 25000 hours use of a 60W incandescent lightbulb will cost you on average £144.38, whilst a 10W LED lightbulb will cost you only £24.06.

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