Modern or Vintage Style Kitchen?

You’ve decided on a new kitchen and are toying with different style ideas. Whilst classically styles kitchens are beautifully styled, you might also be looking for something that is conveniently equipped in line with modern style. So we’ve got the pros and cons of each style, helping you to make the best decision for you and your lifestyle when buying fitted kitchens Bangor. If your kitchen is a thing of beauty to you, a traditional style kitchen might be the first thing that comes to mind as the kitchen for you. But first you need to think about the way in which you use your kitchen. Sounds obvious but it’s actually a complex question depending on multiple factors such as the layout of your home, how many people live with you, where you entertain guests and what you like to cook. The timeless style of a classic kitchen might be more appealing to some who are after longevity whilst others might prefer the contemporary feel of the most up to date kitchen. If you’re a big kitchen entertainer, you might want to take advantage of modern appliances such as a wine cooler that may not be so fitting in your conventional classic kitchen. As a fan of baking, you might enjoy using an AGA; one of the most traditional ways to bake. They are always kept on so they can be of great value to cold large rooms. Of course, you won’t get any more of a classic look than this which might cause huge style clashes in a modern kitchen. However, if energy saving is a priority for you an AGA might not be at the top of your list. A modern kitchen on the other hand makes full use of energy saving appliances and LED lighting. Perhaps you’re more of a fan of convenience and practicality? Well, the modern kitchen is all about incorporating the latest equipment, colours and styles to fit in with the modern lifestyle. It is very typical of a modern kitchen to include savvy, time saving equipment such as the boiling water tap from Quooker or plinths draws so you can find and store your items quickly. In a modern kitchen you can certainly get away with more appliances such as washing machine and dishwasher on show. This can offer more choice, rather than limiting your choices to ‘built in’ only.

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