A More Sustainable Kitchen

The new rise of ‘green homes’ is cause for the increasingly favoured sustainable kitchen. Now the ‘traditionally-modern’ trend is hitting homes across the country, it makes way for the incorporation of more timeless, earthy tones alongside our modern appliances. Kitchen fitters Colwyn Bay have 5 ways you can make your kitchen greener whether you’ve got a new build or are re-modelling.

Recycled Materials & Modern Materials What could be a better kitchen than one which tells a story? Beautiful reclaimed woods are being used for as part of shelves and doors to give a more unrefined look to your kitchen. Little touches of recycled materials can add plenty of character to a modern kitchen by using slabs of slate and stone. Recycled tiles will add texture contrast.

Sourcing recycled modern materials is no longer a struggle now manufacturers are producing recycled glass and plastic surfaces and splash backs. For a sustainable cabinet option with a cleaner look, think about using FSC certified timber which is sourced from well managed forests. Add recycled stainless steel worktops for a more professional finish to your kitchen.

Plan Ahead Sounds obvious, but your natural instinct is to choose a kitchen you like the look of. But it’s more important to think of the functionality of each space that you use. Each area of your kitchen must serve a purpose – and if you’re planning on ‘living green’ too, you should think about creating a kitchen garden and storage to keep local produce fresh.

Shop Locally Wales is a wonder for natural resources and recycling materials and it makes sense to harness these, especially when it comes to the smaller items that can be easily sourced.

Lighting LED technology has advanced greatly in the last decade. No longer is it harsh or unloving but the warm, energy saving light is now being favoured over all other options, energy saving or not. Strip lighting works superbly under shelving and top cabinets to add a range of colour to the room. It is no secret that LED lighting is one of the most cost effective forms of lighting up your home today, so you’ll be saving a few pennies in the long run too.

Appliances Today, energy efficiency is one of main considerations when making an appliance purchase today. Of course this means that the choice available to us is huge. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the answer is definitely to go new. You’ll spend on average; you’ll spend £41 a year on running an old dishwasher alone. Typically choosing an A+++ fridge freezer over an A+ unit will save you about £190 in energy bills over the lifetime of the product.

It’s all about making informed decisions about the products you use. You don’t upgrade your often, and a sustainable kitchen much less so, so it’s important to make it count.


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