Choosing Kitchen Wall Colours

Choosing the colours of your kitchen walls is a big deal. For many, it’s difficult to come to a decision – and rightly so. It is incredibly important to get your colours right, as most people spend a lot of time inside their kitchens. Walls need to be durable and fit for purpose of the room and paint needs to be able to withstand heat and steam. Consulting the experts will speed up your decision making process and ensure you make the right decisions to suit your tastes and requirements. Selecting kitchen colours for your walls need not be a lengthy process, as outlined by kitchen fitters Colwyn Bay.


Firstly, you need to consider the size of the kitchen. Generally, smaller roomed kitchens suit a lighter colour as it helps to create the illusion that the room is actually bigger. Neutral and crisp colours such as white, beige and pastel shades all work very well in these cases, while some think light grey and metallic colours work well. Adding a few hanging accessories and decorations will provide the finishing touch to brighten up the smaller room and manage to maintain the clean style.

Larger kitchens are much more suited to bright colours like red, orange, yellows, blues and green can work well – and a popular idea is to have one feature wall that rests in a natural shade but creates a special vibe across the kitchen. Larger kitchens are a lot more flexible, allowing you to be more creative and bold without being too intense on the rest of the area.


It is a great idea to do some research and investigation before you take the plunge and begin painting. Making a mistake can result in added costs recovering the damage, while the wrong colours can create the wrong type of atmosphere inside of the kitchen. You should visit a number of shops, showrooms that offer an insight into the range of colours that work within different types of kitchens. Cut pictures from the magazines or print them from your computer, you can then take them with you when you are shopping for your paint. For some, creating a type of mood board works well to engage you imaginative and creative parts of your brain.


Next, grab samples of different kitchen paint colours that can be found within local DIY and homeware stores. Many places offer free or cheap samples tins of paint that you can try out on your wall before making the commitment. Consider closely exactly what you think will go well together if you are selecting a number of colours for one room. Some will work incredibly well together, whereas others will clash a little too much – of which you’ll want to avoid.

When you take samples and test them out, you should consider the design style, not just the size and colour scheme. Paint should work well with the materials and theme within your kitchen. For example, you wouldn’t want to use bright pastel colours within a traditional style kitchen (unless you’re a brave creative genius). Some even like to match their kitchen colours with existing appliances. Kitchen fitters Colwyn Bay offer a full kitchen design consultation and advice, and are able to undertake the fitting and decorating of your lovely new kitchen.

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