Modern Kitchens

Two of our brands:



Sheraton is a long established (1791 no less!) and respected British manufacturer producing top quality factory assembled kitchen furniture. Their modern ranges are bang up to date and always win on quality. They are available from prices that compete very well with most other kitchens on the market. Come and view our displays, you won’t be shocked by the prices and you will love the quality and style.



A truly large scale German manufacturer offering quality and precision second to none. Not so well known here in the UK but massively popular in Europe and for very good reasons. Their production facility is an unbelievable state of the art complex giving you a huge benefit in terms of fit and finish as well as offering the sleek, contemporary German ‘look’. Not the cheapest kitchens but neither are they at the inflated prices which are often associated with such high quality German kitchens. We are delighted to have been appointed their main agent for the North Wales.


Ravenna Plus Model
Ivory Chamfered Shaker
Monza Plus Steingrau
Lucente Gloss Ivory
Biella Gegenschuss links
Veneered Walnut