Here we'll outline some of the great innovations in space saving and appliances that Greentree are proud to offer. All these great feautures are here to make your kitchen as easy to use and as efficient as possible. Feel free to drop into our showroom for demonstrations on how to best use your products or for help making up your mind!

Quooker Boiling Taps
Vacuum Packing
Sous Vide and Steam
Quooker Boiling Water Taps


Boiling water taps are the ultimate convenience tool in any kitchen. Sterilizing bottles and flasks, instant boiling pan for pasta and rice and making your cup of tea are just some of the Quooker dozens of applications!

The Quooker features a 3 or 7 litre tank and a choice of modern taps. 

Safety is the key word for these units. Highly insulated tap neck, child proof activation and airated flow for splash safe operation are all steps that make this tap perfect for the family home. 

Corian Work Surfaces
Corian work surfaces


Add some individuality to your space by using the massively versatile Corian materials. Mould and shape to any design you like, insert life with bold and vibrant colours or create ethereal luminescent surfaces with backlighting as shown above. Corian is chemically welded together on site to insure a completely seamless finish and it's anti-pore surface means that when it looks clean, it really is clean. No nasty germs hiding! That will be why it's such a popular option in the health industry. 

Electrical opening assistance
Electrical opening assistance


The 'C-Drive' from Schüller is now available. For full, heavy pan drawers just tap the drawer with your knee to open automatically. No bending down and no strain. Decided to go for tall, 'bi-fold' wall cabinets but can't reach the door to close them? Just push the discrete, fully integrated button to open or close the door. A luxury for the vertically challenged or an essential for assisted living.

Vacuum Packing


Industry grade Vacuum Packing in the home. Waste less and eat fresh more by storing your perishables in an oxygen free and sterile environment. Freeze down soups, curries and casseroles in portion sized packs.


An essential tool for serious Sous Vide enthusiasts with cooking and freezer proof bags that can be used as many times as you like. 

Induction Hobs
Induction hobs


 - More efficient

 - Faster cooking

 - Easier to clean

 - Stylish design

 - More accurate control

 - More features

 - No gas line needed

 - Safer in almost all respects



... What more can we say?      

Sous Vide and Steam


Steam and Sous Vide cookery truly is the way forward for all domestic cookery applications. Create perfect bakes, roasts and slow cooks every time with these highly precise units. 


Steam penetrates food and transfers heat more evenly and efficiently and the highly saturated atmosphere stops food drying out while still getting beautiful colouring on meats and roasties. This efficient conduction reduces cooking time which keeps colour in your veg, stops food from getting a mushy texture and prevents breakdown of essential vitamins. 


Not to mention the Sous Vide oven's slow cook feature! Cook your steaks to perfection over 3 hours with precise one degree Celsius increments of temperature.


And we have of course left the best until last. You can even cook perfect Yorkshire Puddings from a cold oven!


(No - we're not kidding)

Food Dehydration
plinth drawers
Plinth drawers


For rooms short of storage why not maximise your space by adding plinth drawers? The void underneath your cabinets normally goes unused and uncleaned, but could be valuable added storage volume. Add up to half a cubic meter of storage per drawer and really maximise your spaces efficiency. Through the average kitchen this could be the added volume of a 1000mm wide base cabinet!

Food dehydration


On any of our AEG steam ovens you will find a dehydration function. Dehydration is a powerful, yet underused tool in the domestic environment. With Britain wasting around 1/3 of it's food supplies, easy ways to preserve foods in a healthy way are more topical than ever. Preserve your own supplies, make healthy snacks for you and the kids to eat on the go and reduce your household waste. 


 - Dried mushrooms, veg and stocks for intense flavourings and quick, to hand ingredients. 

 - Tasty, low calorie snacks. Get kids involved with the process to get them eating healthily.

 - Impress dinner guests by using dried fruits as decoration to finish off mains or desserts.

 - Reduce household waste and increase sustainability.